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We offer 'Free Electricity' *

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We offer 'Free Electricity and Natural Gas' *

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We offer 'Free Electricity/Natural Gas' *

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We offer 'Free Electricity'*

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We offer 'Free Electricity'*


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We Offer 'Free Electricity'

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Become a residential customer and receive your own personal website where you can refer others to savings. Refer 15 and your energy bill could be FREE!!!

* Every commercial and residential customer receive their own personal website. Become a residential customer and see how your personal customer website could set you up for 'Free Energy'. REFERRAL PROGRAM: Every residential customer that refers 15 or more who sign up for the service and pay their energy bill, the average amount of the 15 referred customers energy bill is credited to your energy (electricity and/or natural gas) account. This occurs month after month after month... When maintaining a minimum of 15 paying customers and the average amount of the customers you referred is equal to or more than your monthly bill, your energy bill could be free* for the month. And this will continue on and on and on...month after month after month... So what is your 'A' number going to be? Sign up now and start toward your 'FREE' energy today.

If you're interested in comparing rates against your current provider's bill, you can do that too. Go to the 'Rates and Plans' link here. No cost to compare. New customers that recently enrolled for the service are saving up to 40% from their previous provider. What's your savings going to be? Grab your current bill and start saving today. Remember, cheap is good but 'FREE' is even better. So if you're tired of making recommendations and not receiving anything, share your energy provider through your personal customer website and get 'FREE' energy each month.

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  • No cost to switch
  • Save money each month
  • Travel reward program
  • Free gift for enrolling
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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*free - The referral credit applies to the referring customer's energy account up to a zero balance excluding taxes and TDSP charges each month the referred customers pay their bill.