News Flash: Opening in Virginia and in New Hampshire March 2014.

Become a part of a 50-billion dollar business. People from across the U.S. are making money, literally thousands of dollars each month from home-based businesses. So why not start yours today with a product that is unconsciously purchased and habitually used each and every month... ...the energy bill. See this recession proof business opportunity here.

Whether you live in Texas, New York, Illinois or Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut or any state, you can start your own home business today. The perfect product because it's a service. The service of electricity and/or natural gas. Your customers will will not give up the luxury of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, lights... and who reaps the reward, YOU! Just by customers paying their energy bill.

So are you secure in your current place of employment? Needing to add to your current income or retirement? Are you tired of trading hours for dollars? Financial freedom could be just around the corner. And what does financial freedom mean to you? Would an additional $1000, $2000, maybe $5000 a month or more make a difference in your life? Take 20 minutes and view the video or the website As your watching, think of others you know that would benefit and interested in this opportunity, your sphere of influence. Others who could benefit from the largest exchange of wealth in America. Millionaires are coming out of retirement to join this business. And if it's good enough for them, why not you? If you have questions, complete your information on the contact page. If this is for you, get started making money today, Join Now! Just don't say no until you have actually seen what you have said 'No' to. Then maybe all you've given up is 20 minutes. But if you're interest is to save money on your next energy bill, go to the 'Free Energy' page and become a customer then start saving money on your next energy bill. Thanks for your time. 

We would like to welcome you to take advantage of this opportunity and fulfill your goals and dreams of becoming financially free. 

  • The timing is perfect
  • Energy deregulation will only happen once
  • Fits any schedule
  • A low cost, one time start-up fee with no annual renewal
  • On a recession proof product
  • A product that everyone has and pays for habitually
  • Best business because there is no inventory and no delivery, this is a truly simple business strategy to start earning an income immediately.

So if you are an ambitious, money minded and goal oriented individual, this window of opportunity is for you. Become your own boss, work at your pace and set your schedule to financial freedom. It is said that any one individual will usually have three opportunities in life to make it rich. Have you already past up your first two? Take the time and go to the website or attend one of our weekly conference sessions. You won't be disappointed.


Information number: (641)751-3900 Guest extension 11188#  

Need additional information, go to the 'Contact Us' page. We will quickly respond and look forward to working with you.